Brotherhood of the Ribbon, Vietnam Reunion 2005 Painting by Britt Taylor Collins

In March 2005, Gary Linderer, President of Operation Homecoming 2005, commissioned Britt Taylor Collins to conceptualize and produce the Official Limited Edition Print for Operation Homecoming 2005.

Developed as a visual statement commemorating America's official involvement in Vietnam from 1964 to 1975,"Brotherhood of the Ribbon" uses seven uniformed individuals to honor the main roles and branches of service widely incorporated in operations in Southeast Asia. Seated in the left lower corner is the much loved Army nurse. Modeled by the artist's son Jesse Hamilton Collins, is a tiger-striped Navy Seal. Standing with the M60 machine gun, this soldier is dedicated to Adolfus (Brother) Fussell and all the Brothers who served so well in Vietnam. A LRRP in warpaint and ERDLs stands silhouetted by jungle palms.

Below, armed with the M14 rifle, sits a member of the United States Marine Corps. Kneeling in denims and flak vest is a Coast Guardsman armed with the venerable M79 grenade launcher. Finally, standing on the right, a downed Air Force pilot represents the critical role of pilots in all services. The mountain top firebase guard tower, the beloved Huey, and the Navy Swiftboat are enduring images from the war and are positioned in the tropical environments commonly encountered in Vietnam.

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31" x 14" limited edition print, signed and numbered, by the artist. ....... $105.00 plus S&H